Frequently asked questions

What is traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is an art & science of healing that has been cultivated for over 3,000 years. It is comprehensive healthcare system and has been developed through a series of many studies and experiments just like modern western medicine. Chinese medicine sees illness as pattern of disharmony of body's internal organ function & the energetic flow of your body's natural processes. Your body's natural state is health. Disease occurs when it's energy is disrupted & functions of these organs, such as the spleen, liver, kidneys, become imbalanced. TCM seeks to reestablish the balance the forces of the body, so that the body's internal organs can harmonized resulting in health. Our practitioners know from Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that every individual experiences illness as a result of their unqiue pattern of disharmony . They will evaluate your pulse, tongue, general appearance for signs of any internal imbalances and ask questions about your diet and general lifestyle. Using this information, they will formulate a treatment protocol and formulate a herbal formula you will take to treat your problem.

How do I contact your store?

Just give us a call (312-225-0024) or preferably send an email to nambachang@gmail.com. More information.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Currently we only ship within United States. This may change in the future. You can more about our shipping and return policies here.

How do I know if my order has been placed?

You should receive a confirmation to the email associated to your account on Arcane Herb. If you used PayPal, the confirmation will be sent to the email associated with that account.

I made a mistake on my order. What should I do?

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What is your return policy?

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Do you offer acupuncture or massage?

Yes! Our practitioners are certified, licensed professionals that will work to improve your health the best they can. We don't offer a convetional massage as of yet, but our acupressure service is quite similar. Here's an explanation of our services: Click Below to Read Services Acupuncture | Chiropractic | Tui Na (Asian Bodywork Therapy or Acupressure )